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Complete hundreds of dangerous and illegal jobs in over 40 cities all over the globe!
Test your strength and expand your mafia empire by battling rival mobsters and bosses in every city!
Join or create your own Syndicate to play with friends and engage in Syndicate Wars and Quests!
Arm your mobster with thousands of unique weapons, armor, and vehicles to choose from.
Dec 5, 2013


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Join the mafia war and build your underworld empire! Fulfill your family duty and live a life of crime to work your way up the ranks of mobsters.

In Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra, a massive online mobster RPG, you will complete dangerous jobs in over 35 cities, fight rival mobsters and bosses, engage in Syndicate Wars with other players, collect bounties for taking down gangsters on the Hitlist, and much more!


Explained in-game

November 26, 2019

Introducing BATTLE ROYALE! Battle Royale is an epic real-time tournament where all mobsters start on an equal footing and fight one another for the top spot to win epic in-game rewards! - Attack mobsters on the Fight List - Pick up and Equip fight drops (weapons and armor) to get stronger - Restore Health by using Med Kits to keep yourself alive - Restore Vitality to keep attacked - Use your vehicle to run away and evade attacks for a short period of time Happy Hunting and best of luck! It's anyone's game! The FIRST Battle Royale lobby opens at 10AM PST on November 27th, 2019. Don't miss out!
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