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Aug 26, 2019


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The village has a dragon problem. That's where you come in.

Dungeoneers is a classic dungeon crawler with tactical, turn-based gameplay and humorous commentary. Start each game with weapons of epic mediocrity, then claw your way to greatness. Survive the dungeon, slay the dragon, save the village, and so on and so forth.

As you adventure, your heroes will go up levels and you'll unlock new game elements.


Basic Dungeoneers: FREE
Advanced Dungeoneers: $15

(There are no micro transactions. Just one purchase to upgrade to Advanced.)


- Elegantly Uncomplicated
- Deceptively Tactical
- Stubbornly Single-Player


- You’re fond of dice, hex grids, and turn-based combat.
- You’re willing to start each quest with basic gear.
- You know what a gelatinous cube is.


- The Human Swordsman. A well-rounded fighter who excels with his blade. He's a bit gruff, but luckily there's no charisma stat.

- The Elven Huntress. With her archery and leaping ability, she does best when keeping a distance from her foes. (requires Advanced Dungeoneers)

- The Dwarven Brawler. Relying on his trusty shield and deadly fist, he enjoys being outnumbered. And when he charges an enemy, it's not pretty. (requires Advanced Dungeoneers)

You can swap heroes during the game, so you can bring in the right hero for the job.


The legions of monsters (over 125, and counting) are modeled from real-world miniatures licensed from Reaper Miniatures!

Depending on how deep you go, you’ll encounter creatures like:

In the Caverns:

? Cavern Crawlers
? Crocodile Warriors
? Evil & Ugly Frogs
? Firebugs
? Hags
? Giant Beetles
? Monstrous Snakes
? Rats of Unusual Size
? Scorpions
? Big Hairy Spiders
? Swamp trolls
? Wereboars

In the Mines:

? Bugbears
? Cave trolls
? Dung Monsters
? Ettins
? Gas Spores
? Giants
? Gnolls
? Goblins
? Kobolds
? Lizardmen
? Minotaurs
? Mushroom Men
? Ogres
? Orcs
? Purple Worms
? Ropers
? Werewolves

In Ruins:

? Gargoyles
? Ghosts
? Ghouls
? Lich Queens
? Mummies
? Reapers
? Skeletons
? Specters
? Wraiths
? Zombies

In the Dragon Lair:

? White dragons
? Black dragons
? Green dragons
? Blue dragons
? Red dragons


“Rogue Sword has created an excellent and addictive RPG … a classic take on the dungeon crawling of tabletop RPGs.” — MMORPG


On your turn, you can take one of these actions:

MOVE: Click an adjacent open tile or room exit arrow.
SWORD ATTACK: Click an adjacent, monster-occupied tile.
BOW ATTACK: Click a non-adjacent, monster-occupied tile.
LOOT: Click under an adjacent chest.
GUARD: Click the tile you are on to skip your turn, gaining a +2 defense bonus and ability to counterattack any melee misses. Only do this if surrounded and you have a good shield.

You may also use MAGIC SCROLLS before taking an action. To do so, click the scroll to the left of the screen. (Click it again to abort the scroll use.) Strategic scroll use is key to success. Do not hoard them, as you lose them between games anyway.

After you take your action, you’ll wait for the monsters to finish their turn. (If you haven’t been spotted yet, you can keep taking actions until the monsters spot you.) Because the game is turn-based, there is never any reason to repeatedly click anything.

For more information about the room you’re in, click images and text on the edges of the screen.

July 31, 2020

- Adjustable Animation Speed - News Forum

July 18, 2020

Monster Dens and Sneaking Behind Monsters. For details, please see the in-game News section.

May 18, 2020

New Monsters + Changes to the Advanced Dungeoneers system. For details, please see the in-game News section.
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